Down to the wire…

As of Saturday I will be officially 8 weeks out from my first bikini competition. Holy shit.

I have always felt like “8 weeks out” meant you made it. You have made it this far, the easy part is behind you, and now comes the tough stuff. The shit that proves you really want this. The uncomfortable stuff. And I am so ready for it.

I started carb cycling this week. For those of you that don’t know, that basically means on different days you cycle between eating lots of carbs or little carbs in order to rev up your metabolism. Get that fire burnin’ ya know? Tomorrow will be my first low carb day of this cycle. We will see how it goes….cause you know I love food!

I wanted to share my most recent progress picture with you all. Holy moly ya’ll. So many times we look at ourselves and can’t see the progress that we have made. We pick and focus on all the little things that AREN’T how we want instead of focusing on all the things that ARE changing! I am just as guilty of this. Here you can see my starting photo for prep and my most recent photo at 15 weeks into prep. I am down 12% body fat and 13 pounds so far.

15 side

I am feeling really positive on my progress. I tend to hold my weight in my legs and lower stomach, so those are always the last to lean out on me. But I am pushing my hardest and will do everything in my power to make sure I look killer up on that stage. In the end, as long as I know that I put my all into this prep, I will be happy!


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