First low carb day…

Today was my first low carb day on my carb cycle. And when I say low carb, I mean looooowwww carb. Thankfully it is just for two days and then…


…I get two super high carb days! I am already dreaming about the pancakes and froyo and waffles…oh my!


Look at that peanut butter ya’ll…………

Since I cannot make any treats for myself right now (since I will literally inhale them all…just safer to stay away) I made some cute little treats for my pups. I found this new Instagram page called @iamumjee and it is literally just a lady who posts videos of her dog eating adorable pup-friendly treats she makes him. And then I decided my puppies needed to be that spoiled!

All it took was 1/4C cottage cheese & 3TBS coconut flour mixed until a thick dough like substance. Then I rolled that into balls and rolled it in unsweetened coconut flakes. And topped it all off with a quartered strawberry. They LOVED them. And they are super healthy and doggo friendly. Win Win!

Ok so back to low carb day. I am not gonna lie, I am tired. People who try to eat “no carbs” are crazy and I have no idea how they function. Thank goodness it is the weekend and so I don’t have to use my brain TOO much. Cause let me tell you, it ain’t working at 100% that’s for sure. I did manage to get in a killer biceps & triceps workout with Ryan this morning (the pump was real ya’ll). We did day 3 of Kris Gethin’s “Kaged Muscle: 8 Week Hardcore Trainer” and boy was it hardcore.

Full disclosure, this picture was from back day yesterday but the arm pump was real then too!

Ryan headed off to go snowdercycling for the weekend (aka ride his Timbersled with some buddies) so I am a single mom for a few days. Single mom to two fur babies for those of you who do not know. I think he just tried to escape during low carb time for fear of my being hangry…so far so good though.

I got to end my night watching this beautiful sunset while attending some webinars and doing some online social media work for the gym. Not a bad end to the day.



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