Sunny and sixty-five…

It was a BEAUTIFUL day! I feel like this was the firstĀ realĀ day of spring.

I have to say that this was one of the best days I have had in a long time. My day started at work, which is not a normal Saturday for me. I led a “Golf Conditioning Workshop” and truly enjoyed the company of these people. Those of you who believe that golf is not a “real” sport…get outta here. So we worked on proper warm ups for the sport, did a sport specific training program, and then went over proper stretching and cool downs as well as injury prevention tips for golf.

After the workshop I got my cardio in. Did 20 minutes of HIIT and then just a good 15 minutes of easy steady state. I really enjoy cardio when I don’t feel rushed and just get to go at my own pace.

To get some more steps in, I took my girls down to the river.

The water is SO crazy high right no ya’ll. Normally at this very spot, there is a beach and you can walk out a lot further. Not todayyyyy. Thankfully these two pups were so well behaved. I always get nervous when we are right by the trail, I don’t want them chasing after a bike or going and jumping on a kid to say hi. But they were plenty entertained with their swimming and chasing each other and fetching sticks.

So whenever we go to the river, we usually take Ryan’s like 1977 Honda CVCC. The pups get all wet and stinky so we don’t want them in our nice cars. This is the only stick shift I have ever driven, so I thought “I don’t need Ryan, I will take the Honda with the puppies on my own” (since Ryan is out of town). So we hopped in and headed down to the river. I did GREAT!!! And I only killed it in the middle of an intersection twice hahhahah!!

After they went swimming we went for a run/walk to calm them down and dry them off a bit. Their favorite part is rolling and running on the grassy hill at the end of our river trip.

I am so excited for my high carb day tomorrow. I am actually dreaming about pancakes with runny yolk over easy eggs on top and maple syrup…….holy moly guys. But it is 7pm and I have already eaten my macros for the day so I am just sitting here, chugging my water trying to not think too much about food.

Practiced posing tonight and I have to be honest and say that I am starting to feel pretty good about it! Since it is competition season I have been watching tons of girls videos and it is getting me so dang pumped! I cannot wait to experience the thrill of show day. Even if I don’t place, which in all truth I am not expecting to, I cannot wait to enjoy the company of other competitors, get all tanned and glammed up, and strut all my hard work on that stage. It is going to be amazing…….

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