First Hike Of The Year

Sooooo I get seasonal allergies. Like bad. Like if I touch or go near most grasses or wild shrubbery, the beginning signs of anaphylaxis kick in. It’s super fun.

But I decided to take my chances today and go for a hike up Saddle Rock. When I was in high school, I would do this hike at least once a week, weather permitting. And then for some reason I stopped that. I cannot guarantee I will be able to go that frequently, but I am going to start hiking it again as much as I can.


Saddle Rock is such a beautiful part of the Wenatchee Valley. This time of year all the wildflowers are blooming and the sagebrush is a bright shade of pastel green. My lungs are struggling the whole way up, but when I look around I am distracted by the beauty of this place and almost forget I can’t breathe. I said almost..

My two fur faces joined me as well and they had a blast. But they are also out of shape. The lazy pups for for walks and hikes all the time, but make them hike a steep climb in easy spring heat and they get all tuckered out. Wimps. Just kidding everyone calm down. I took them two full water bottles and forced them to drink every 10 minutes or so. They also did some modeling for me.


Hiking has always been a stress reliever for me. No matter how shitty my lungs may work or how slow I may be some days, I always feel so at peace after a hike. Especially one that ends in this amazing of a view. It’s cathartic for me. It centers me. I tend to get stuck inside my own head a lot, and when I hike I am able to just let my mind free.

The fact that this view needs no editing or touching up just goes to show you what a beautiful place we live in. And this is right outside our back door!


First Hike


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