Life With Crazy Allergies…

I am sure many of you are familiar with seasonal allergies. Runny nose, itchy puffy eyes, scratchy throat. Most people have some form or another of seasonal allergies. But what most people don’t usually get…..anaphylaxis from these allergies. That’s right folks, full blown anaphylactic shock from fucking pollen. Now there are TONS of people who have anaphylaxis to lots of different things. Food, peanuts, medicines, etc. Sucks doesn’t it?

Loop Trail 2-11-17 (16)

The loop trail. Innocent in the winter……deadly in the summer. My favorite.

Well two years ago this week I had my first anaphylaxis attack down on the loop trail, on Mother’s Day of all days. That was when we realized how bad my seasonal allergies were. Since then they have only gotten worse. Well yesterday I went in for my first round of allergy shots. This is where they inject you with a small dose of the things you are allergic to, twice a week, to let your body start to build up an immunity. Well…20 minutes after my shots and the anaphylaxis had set in. Insanely dizzy, couldn’t breath, throat swelling shut, 88% oxygenated, all the fun stuff. So 3 hours and 2 epi shots later I finally headed home to sleep it off.

I ate some food and took a good long nap but I was exhausted the rest of the night. Getting an injection of epinephrine (aka adrenaline) is basically like running a marathon, and I got two of those bad boys so I was BEAT! It took all my energy to not fall asleep standing up. I slept really well last night thankfully and felt a bit better this morning.

The craziest thing that the doc told me was that in his 20+ years as an allergist in this town, he has never seen someone have an anaphylactic reaction to pollen. Not that I am surprised, I am known for always being in the 1%. Yay me right?


The crappiest part of these allergies is that we love to take our pups down to the loop trail, but I can’t really go down there. The East Wenatchee side of the trail is lined with sheet grass and trees and other grasses and shit I can’t be around.


So now we have to look into this infusion drug to help with my allergies as a last ditch effort. Fun shit. But I am plugging along. Taking my allergy meds, using my inhaler, and sprayin’ my nose spray. If you have allergies, take care of yourself. This shit knocks you out! Breathe easy my friends!

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