Why I postponed my bikini comp…

The title pretty much gives it away here. This last weekend was the Cascadian Classic, the show that I prepped 22 weeks for. The one where I was supposed to walk across stage in a teeny tiny bikini and strut my hard work for a panel of judges next to lots of other girls. But I wasn’t there.

I made a collective decision with my coach to postpone. After 22 weeks of dieting my body was not responding the way it should have been. I had been doing SO  good, but my body was fighting back. That mixed with some health issues, we decided for my overall and long term health it was best to take a little time off.


I was never doing this show for anyone else. So I had nobody to disappoint or let down. I was doing this for me and I want my health to be there for me in the long run, so I made the best choice for myself. Yes I was sad I wasn’t going to be competing, but the stage will always be there. I will have SO many more chances to walk up there and show off months and weeks of hard work. My health comes first.

I do not have another goal show in mind at this point. But I am thinking I will start prepping in January 2018 and work towards another spring show. I do not plan on reverse dieting from where I am because I am not stage lean and I feel that I am at a happy place with my body. So I will maintain, maybe work on a little more fat loss and muscle development, but I am happy here.


Since my decision I have been enjoying life and working hard. Had a fun camping trip this weekend with great friends and family. Went on hikes and walks and adventures. Shared stories and laughs and drinks.

I plan on enjoying my summer mindfully. We are taking a trip to Texas next month for Ryan’s family reunion. That is my motivation right now to stay healthy and keep my body at a comfortable and happy place.

Remember that it is okay to “fail”. It is okay to change your mind. It is okay to need more time. It is okay to focus on yourself. This applies to anything in life. Keep going, keep moving, keep your head up, and you will get to where you are meant to be!


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