Why do we compare ourselves…

Oh the age old issue. Comparing ourselves to others. Whether it be our bodies, our relationships, our income, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, etc etc etc. We are always comparing our story to someone else’s; whether we like to admit it or not.

Now this may seem like a cliche topic, but no matter how many times we may hear it, I think it is important to hear it again. Below is a picture comparison of me. On the left I am standing normal, straight on, not posing or doing anything to make the shot more flattering. On the right I am posed and twisted just right, making the booty pop, flexing my upper body slightly, and playing to my flattering angles.


Do I prefer people to see my like I am in the left photo? Of course not. We all want to show off out best angles and assets. But does that make me any less beautiful, talented, worthy, strong, funny, or caring in the left photo? Hell no!

We spend so much of our time comparing our normal angles to other peoples “good” angles, that we forget we have good angles too. But our normal angles (this can apply to body or work or life or whatever) are just as amazing. You have worked hard for that angle. Of course it is okay to be proud of your good angles, you worked damn hard for those, but don’t forget that even the happiest or best looking people have normal angles too.

Self love is hard. We have to work at it. Our relationship with ourselves is just as important as our relationship with others. It takes work. It takes time. It takes love and nurturing and trust and respect. There are gonna be bad days. We are all going to look at some aspect of our lives at time and think, “but why can’t it be like this instead”? THAT IS OKAY! The biggest thing to remember is don’t let that mindset be your main one. Let those thoughts come and then let them go. Don’t dwell on it or overthink it. Accept it and the let it pass.

Sam (7)

So be weird. Be crazy. Be silly and fashionable and strong and hippie and tomboy and whatever the hell you want to be. But whatever you choose to be, be a good one.

Now go enjoy your Tuesday! And remember to love yourself at your normal angles and your good angles!

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