I am no stranger to toxic environments.


I grew up with a terrible father who was toxic to be around.

I have been in my fair share of toxic & unhealthy relationships.

I have worked for toxic companies.


But the one thing I have learned, and yet still forget, is that you can rid yourself of these toxins.

You can say no more. You can leave. You can get out.


Now like I said, I am no stranger to toxic environments. So I get this is easier said than done.

It’s scary to leave. To say no. To say you deserve better.

But you do.


If you are in a toxic relationship or job or house. Get out. Do what you have to do. But get out.

The longer you are there, the more they will take from you. Piece by piece.

It may seem small at first. Maybe you think you can handle it. And maybe you can.

But after while you will notice holes in yourself. Little pieces that are missing.

You will look within yourself, wondering where the person you once were went to.


You have put up with it for this long. You are strong. Stronger than most.

But they will continue to break you down. You deserve better. You deserve more.


Hold your head high. And walk. Walk as far as you can.

Get away from the place that tears you down. The place that fills your soul with darkness.

So cry your tears. Or shove them down.

Don’t let them see the weakness. Then they win. Be strong. Be tough. Be bold.


Leaving the familiar is scary. It’s terrifying. The unknown.

But a toxic place is no place for you.

You deserve the light.